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Apex Legends 1 PC


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Good day everyone!

      Here is my in-depth review of Apex1PC solution from Clutch Solution. This is my personal experience from using and interacting with Clutch Solution.

Support: 10/10

When I joined the server for the first time and had questions I received almost instant response from the support team. They have hands down the best support I have experienced so far. Not the toxic support you find in other communities.

Getting the cheat to work: 10/10

The setup was super easy. I had already disabled my windows defender since I used cheats from other providers so that was not an issue. I was able to set the cheat up and working in a matter of minutes. Was hassle free. Not sure how the setup process is for Windows 11 but I'd assume its the same.

ESP (Glow): 9/10

The glow is perfect. Works great. Doesn't have high intensities like other providers do so its easy on your eyes. Glow works based on the color of the shield equipped. Works as advertised. 

Aimbot: 10/10

Aimbot works great. Using the wingman with my custom settings looks super legit. The aimbot has been made less aggressive with the recent patch and hence it makes it look even more legit. The only issue I have noticed is the bocek aims too far above their head with aim prediction on but I never really try to be Legolas so it never really affected me.

Loot ESP: 7/10

Loot ESP is easy on the eye. Everything glows like high quality loot glow of Loba. It only gets an 8 from me since smart ESP is still in works. WIll be an easy 9 once that gets added. 

Community: 9/10

Super chill community. Never really noticed anyone being toxic towards another. People understand they're here to have fun. Help each other fix any issues they may face. 

Crashes, BSODs and any other issues experienced: 9.5/10

Never had any BSOD or crashes issues. The ESP and aimbot did stop working on certain players. They would be hidden and glow would not pick them up and hence aimbot wouldn't work on them. I reached out to the support and got it fixed instantly. Seemed like custom 120 fov was the issue. Works fine when I went back down to 110.

Cons :

The only con to Clutch Solution's Apex1PC is that its not stream proof (the glow). As someone that occasionally streams games to friends, I had to come up with excuses not to stream apex. But on the flip side, cheat performs super well compared to externals and I guess that's the trade-off.

My final thoughts:

Clutch Solution's Apex1PC is the real deal. For the price, the support and quality you receive is out of the world. As someone who has used various cheats from different providers, including the "super private" ones requiring ID verification, I can confidently say Clutch Solution has me hooked. I initially came here to use their cheats while my previous provider updates theirs but I doubt I would like to go back now after interacting with the community.


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