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EFT Radar Testimonial

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Hey Pals,

thats my view of things...

first of all, i used windows vpn and have great stuttering problems at the beginning, but i changed to softether vpn and all is fine now.

Kenion is a friendly person and a great coder, he works his ass off that all is functional and good.
The whole team behind is friendly and i like to be a part of the community espacially on discord. You easily find mates to play and talk.

I have used alot of hacks in my life, im a cheater through and through xD. And i can honestly say that this community is particularly.
Other cheatcoders dont even talk a single word to their costumers - so this is a good difference here.

When i was younger i just want the hack and dont care about the rest, but now i like a good atmosphere around that. I found that here and i stay here till my abo runs out. kappa

my full recommendation for the clutch solution!

Radar quick Overview:

Itemfilter works as intended and UI is configurable *

Enemy info (weapon, distance, leveldifference, etc) *

3D ESP works great and you can easy snipe with it *

Flying Grenades are shown on the radar and 3D ESP *

Player "scoreboard" (shows squads and the value of the inventory of the player) *

thats a 5 Star solution for me ?


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