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EFT - Radar

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Iam 42y old now. I never cheated or even tought about it in my whole 36y of Gaming. Than i bought Tarkov. I love that game, but like Horrorgames, it gives me Jumpscares and just the Tension in this game is incredible. And its too much for me. My Bloodpresure and Pulse didn´t felt healthy to me. After playing one or two Raids, i was done. Literally! 

With the Radar, everything is fine. I avoid Players, i feel Save and i love that Game even more now. The Setupinstructions(2 PCs) are very good and easy to follow. It worked without any Problem first Try! Its just amazing. My 7d"Test sub" will evolve to a minimum 30d.

Thank u, Clutch, for what you´ve done. You are awesome!

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