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Review of Clutch Solution - EFT RADAR


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I found this radar a few days back and i decided to give it a try by joining the discord. A quick payment on amazon and a few discord messages later I gained access to the cheat. The initial payment process did not take long at all on their side to set up after I supplied payment info and max a few minutes later they allowed me access.

The setup process was fairly simply and straight forward. There is about three methods you can use the radar and the providers ensured proper information and documentation in terms of how to access the radar and set it up were provided. Even then, if you are still struggling to set up the radar the support team is insanely responsive and helpful and wont stop till they ensure your problems are solved by providing different methods of aid and steps to follow.

Once you are using the radar, you cannot help but notice the great response times and smoothness. Add to that the fact that i use a teamviewer setup on top of that and i cannot notice any delays at all. All the necessary information for a successful raid is present on this radar. The loot locations, the players and their vision lines, as well as all the scavs. The radar is not cluttered at all with many options to change the viewing methods and text size to your fitting and liking. The best feature in my opinion however comes with the ESP/3d view. It is very smooth and can support up to 300 fps refreshing rates. It displays all the loot as well as 3d views of players locations and altitude (from the prespective of your character).

Overall I have enjoyed this radar alot, throughout my use time the staff has been very helpful and kind, never slacked and continued pushing fixes/new features almost daily. Not to mention the ability to provide suggestions to the staff and possibly get what you suggested in the radar, which further proves the staff's care for improvement and ensuring you get the best experience!
Final Rating: 10/10

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