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Not the first i try but it will be the last one :D

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 Hey. This is my experience so far with Clutch; (not native english, i hope i won't make too many mistakes smile.png

SO... why use this one?

- The team: active, available and fast response. Should it be you need help cause (like me tongue.png) you are too stupid to follow their guide or to upgrade and fix the radar, the team is here quick and provide help until solution is found. If the help can't be provided instantly (cause.. hey, they got a life too) someone is there to tell you that you are gonna be taken care of as soon as possible, you are not left alone in the dark (a friend waited more than 10 hours 2 days ago on another radar without any response. i hate that biggrin.png)

The radar itself: not gonna lie the radar part is classic... show player/ia, where they are looking... Works great and reactive... kind of the minimum to ask to be honnestbiggrin.png
SO why clutch? high rezmap and items filters ( i personnaly have one high/extreme money, a custom one with weapons, mods etc i like, and one for quest and gunsmith part, so if one or more weapons part needed for a quest is there, i know where it is and plant my raid according to it)

The community: Fun, nice and helpfull...

As would George say: what else? biggrin.png

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