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Escape from Tarkov Radar + Lagswitch (2PC DMA)


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Hello all,

I am new to Clutch-Solutions, coming over from another provider. I decided to try Clutch-Solutions because my previous provider did not update their maps. They haven't updated the maps for the new changes to Factory, Woods, or Customs for over a year and no new map was added for Lighthouse. With 12.12 coming out, it was a pain to look at a black radar and only see loot, while I managed to deal with it, it became annoying. I told my buddy about Clutch-Solutions and he got the 7 day trial. I had him show his screen so I could see the differences between the two providers. I was blown away by the difference in how much you could customize with CS.

I decided to try it out for myself, I got the 7 day package for EFT Radar (2pc + DMA) to make sure it worked with my DMA and VPN. I ran into a couple issues and was able to open a support ticket. They responded super fast but I was able to figure out what happened. Their guides and information on setting up everything is very simple and easy to understand. I preferred to use my own VPN method and use a different DMA device, but got it all working without any issues. I had to get my DMA device verified first, as they don't want you to get banned by using something that has stock firmware.

There are some features I miss from my old provider, but the great thing is that I was able to provide feedback and suggestions about the radar and got a response right away from the developer. The developer is very active in this community, listens to our requests, and plans on making the radar even better than it currently is. This right here is what earned them my business, I plan on buying lifetime today.

The LS is overpowered, I don't know if I will continue to use it, because it is way to much fun lol. It works so well that its scary to think that I've probably been killed by this thing many times. You want the easiest Shooter Born in Heaven completion you have ever done, get the LS then lol. If you have the Radar and LS, it is integrated automatically so you only run the Radar and the LS will activate on the key triggers.

I could go on a lot more, but I will leave it at this. Great radar with active community and developers. Super fast response time on support tickets. Their solutions are great and well designed which are also constantly being improved on.

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