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If you are worried about buying from legit sources then Clutch solutions is as safe a bet as you can make. 

The product is well functioning and well made. If you do have problems the community help channel and ticket system in discord will quickly get you back on track. 

I only really have one critique for the product. 

You have to buy everything before you get the instructions on how to set everything up. Most websites would offer a cheap 1 time purchase of 2-3 days of subscription time where we could test everything and set it up before spending on  a big purchase. I would like to see something like that here but it should be noted that after I set everything my subscription time was reset for me so effectively I didn't lose any money on setup. They didnt make a big fuss about my request just granted it. 

I think that shows confidence in the product more than anything and I would go so far as to say this is the only place I would want to buy any software based advantages for any game I felt like playing. 

I think you should give it a shot. Customer service is epic and the product is solid. You wont regret it. 

Final note is dont use the 1 pc setup. Its a waste of money to do the vpn. I started as a single pc but between cost of VM and how my game of choice banned vpn ip's from a lot of them it was all a waste. Do yourself a favor and start with 2 pc setup its much much improved experience and setup. 

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