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Some of my work for Clutch

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 Hello there!

Seems like I am one of the few graphics and design guys for Clutch-Solution. I just wanted to give you some insight on what I've been doing in the past.

I started with some basic logo designs because I wasn't able to find the current logo in a high resolution and I needed it for further progression with animations and stuff like that.


Because of the awesome community we have, our Discord server got a few boosts which allows us to have an animated icon.
So my next step was creating such an animated logo so the server doesn't look so boring anymore.
Since this is a gif, I can't embed it here but feel free to check it out here: https://imgur.com/VVasswi

After that was done, I started to recreate different things like the signature on EPVP or the banner of this forum in the new design.


The epvp signature is once again a gif you can check out here: https://imgur.com/G2ISQtX

One of my most recent projects is the new advertisement banner for epvp. Once again, this is a gif. Check it out here: https://imgur.com/sZPLwI0

I am also making new profile pictures for people. Many are still work in progress but for our all beloved Admin Uwe, I made this: https://imgur.com/cxXhxZR
Also I am trying to do new cool logos to use them for new animations so here is the fruit for our Moderator Mango


Here is another one for the Twitch account of ShoutingEggs. He wanted me to do an emote:

That's all for now. I think this is enough to have a little insight on what I've been doing.
Hope you guys like it. I am curious on what you guys are doing when it comes to graphics and design!

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