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Clutch Solutions Glossary

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Advanced Filter - Allows a user to utilise custom filters that come default with software or filters downloaded from the forum. Does not turn off the simple filter.

Authtoken - Generated by the radar and can be found in the radar CMD/Console.


CM - Clutchmaster, this is the software used by VIP + members to bypass EFT encryption.

DMA - Direct memory access, this is the hardware solution to bypass EFT encryption. E.g. https://shop.lambdaconcept.com/home/44-screamer-m2-usb-c-r04-jtag-serial-pack.html

DTM - Data transfer method, this is a network sharing connection between your Game-PC and Radar-PC.

Hybrid - Windows VPN + Softether VPN server.

LS - Lagswitch.

Powershell - A modern version of CMD allowing a user to run complex scripts.


Radar CMD/Console - One of three windows opened after pressing play on EFT radar.


Softether - Softether Client + Softether VPN server.

Simple Filter - The simple filter is constantly running and is controlled by the `min value` box and displays items based on that value per slot. 

VIP+ - Software encryption bypass utilised to enable the radar to function and display locations of loot, AI and other players.

VPN - Virtual private network. Enables traffic to occur between your Gaming-PC and Radar-PC.

VPS - Virtual private server. This is a virtual machine hosted externally by a third party.

Windows CMD - This console allows a user to run commands. Accessed by typing CMD in the Windows start menu.


Windows Defender - Windows default anti-virus. Needs to be disabled on both computers in order for our software to function.

Windows Firewall - Clutch software requires all three profiles to be disabled on the radar PC, this can be done manually as below, or via the Windows CMD using the command - netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off.


WINVER - Used to discover what specific version of Windows you are currently using for setup and diagnostics. Accessed by typing 'winver' in the Windows start menu.




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