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  1. If you struggle with the setup, feel free to use a support channel in our Discord! This guide is mainly for the recommended switch TL-SG105E -- the setup is usually similar with other switches/routers. Requirements Game device (pc) Radar device (second pc) Hardware Switch that supports Port Mirroring (For example: TP-Link Network Switch) 3 Ethernet Cables (1 to the router -- 1 to the Gaming-PC -- 1 to the Radar-PC) SETUP 1. Download Screamer.zip from the pinned messages in the dma-support channel and run DefenderControl. 2. Disable windows defender on Radar-PC. 3. Uninstall additional anti virus on Radar-PC. 4. Press windows key + r and type wf.msc -> Disable all three firewalls on Radar-PC. 5. Click Domain Profile, Private Profile & Public Profile and switch firewall to OFF. 6. Install Npcap on the Radar-PC. -> Make sure “Install Npcap in WinPcap API-compatible Mode” is checked, then install. 7. Download Easy Smart Configuration Utility and install it. 8. Plug the cable to your router into switchport 1 -- Gaming-PC into switchport 2 -- Radar-PC into switchport 3. 9. Open Easy Smart Configuration Utility. If everything is plugged in correctly you will see this: 10. Click on Login and enter your login information. -> Default usually is admin / admin 11. Change everything like shown below 12. Restart Radar-PC and check if both pcs have internet. If so, start the C_Solution launcher on Radar-PC -> login -> start Escape from Tarkov on Gaming-PC and join a game. You are done with the Port-Mirror setup. If you have any questions or get stuck somewhere in the guide feel free to open a ticket or ask in a support channel on Discord! If you have any ideas or improvements for the guide feel free to message PaXe#1111 on Discord or leave a comment under this guide It's always nice to see some feedback so don't be shy and let us know what you think!
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