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  1. Features: -[added] 3D ESP (Player and Item) -[added] 2D Radar -[added] Camera zoom, follow, panning -[added] Scanned maps based on ingame world - For Example: Customs, Woods, Factory, Labs, Reserve, Shoreline -[added] All maps -[added] Player line of sight -[added] Player height (difference to your current position) -[added] Show team -[added] Show pmc, scav, player-scav, Raider/Boss -[added] See every dropped item -[added] Item-Filter full customizable -[added] Items disapear on pickup -[added] Display loot from unopened crates/cache/inventories -[added] Lootinf
  2. Hello Clutch-Community, because i read pretty often the fact you are not able to pay by card. Here is an easy and instant way, to get your "Virtual Visa Card". https://igiftcards.de/en/visa-mastercard/giftcard?v=10&c=usd Payment methods:
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  3. i see you have bought eft and vip+ and that's your view after purchase: click "getting started" there is all you need
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