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Aimbot / Glow / NoRecoil and more © [Clutchware 1PC]


-[added] Enemy Glow
-[added] Teammate Glow
-[added] Item Glow ( Shows Different Rarity )
-[added] Deathboxes Glow
-[added] Advanced Glow ( Shows Different Health / Shield Level )
-[added] Visible Check 
-[added] Distance Control
-[added] Color Customization
-[added] Color Intensity Customization ( Hidden Factor / Brightness )
-[in progress] Item Filter ( Filter / Chose Different Items )
-[in progress] Automatically show ESP attachments for weapons, ammo of weapon currently in hand
-[in progress] Automatically show ESP the next tier / piece of armor needed

-[added] Aimbot Toggle ( Disable / Enable )
-[added] Recoil Reduction ( Between 0 - 100% )
-[added] Recoil Reduction Modes ( Low / Medium / High )
-[added] Custom Recoil Intensity
-[added] Bullet Prediction
-[added] Aimbot ( Disable / Enable )
-[added] Aim FOV
-[added] Bones ( Neck / Chest/Neck / Stomach )
-[added] OnPressKey
-[added] Ignore Knocked Enemies ( Disable / Enable )
-[added] Smooth Aim Customization
-[added] Distance Customization
-[added] Bone Selector
-[added] Close Aimbot ( separate settings )
-[added] Close Aimbot FOV
-[added] Close Aimbot Distance
-[added] Triggerbot
-[in progress] Aim Once

-[added] Controller Support
-[added] Third Person
-[added] Hotkey
-[added] Show Spectators

-[added] Adjust you settings LIVE on any Desktop Browser
-[added] Adjust you settings LIVE from your Smartphone
-[added] Easy Configuration
-[added] Save Configuration
-[added] Import / Export Config Data

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