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-[added] Chams
-[added] Loot through walls
-[added] No Visor ( Make the folded down Visor 100% transparent )
-[added] Thermal Vision
-[added] Unlimited Stamina
-[added] No Recoil
-[added] Disable Weather
-[added] Disable Fog
-[added] Disable Inventory Blur
-[added] No Gravitiy / Fly ( Not possible with VIP+, DMA only feature )
-[added] Day Only
-[added] Instant ADS / Quickscope
-[added] Juggernaut ( Sprint while overweight )
-[added] No fractures 







The Clutchbox © is an "Add-on" for Radar / ESP © [VIP+, non DMA] and Radar / ESP © [DMA Hardware 2PC]

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