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Radar © [DMA Hardware 2PC]


-[added] 2D Radar
-[added] Camera zoom, follow ( "RE - CENTER" ), panning
-[added] All maps
-[added] Player line of sight
-[added] Player height (difference to your current position)
-[added] Show local player
-[added] Show team
-[added] Show enemies
-[added] Show health
-[added] Show armor + level
-[added] See every dropped item
-[added] Item-Filter full customizable
-[added] Items disapear on pickup
-[added] Display loot from unopened crates/cache/inventories
-[added] Lootname scaling
-[added] Fully customizable menu and settings: color, thickness, outline, size, length, render FPS (...)
-[added] Item height, show the exactly floor
-[added] Shows dropped Items
-[added] Anti-Leak protection
-[in progress] Show throwed grenades realtime
-[in progress] Shows each floor of buildings
-[in progress] Switch current floor view automatically
-[in progress] Show AI

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