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[English] Hybrid VPN - Connection Guide


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Feel free to open a ticket in our discord if you require assistance with this setup!
We kindly ask that you at least try to follow either the Video Guide or the Text Guide before opening a ticket!

For your own safety we advise you to carefully read ALL the red text on this page  : )

You will need everything that is listed below to make this work with our Solutions!

Game device (Your main Gaming PC)
Needs to be Windows 10 1909 or later.

Radar device (Second PC/Laptop or VPS)
Needs to be at least 2Cores and 4GB RAM.
Second PC needs to be Windows 10 1909 or later.
VPS needs to be Windows Server 2019 1809 or later.


Softether VPN Server (On Radar device)
Direct Download

Official Website


Text Guide
If you already successfully finished the Video Guide then you are done with this guide and can continue with the Radar Setup.



1.1. Install the Softether VPN Server by just clicking next and next until it is installed.finishedSoftetherServer.png.8b516dd32027fc21c786b24cc8ad5f91.png

1.2. Double click localhost, enter any password (we recommend that you write it down as you might need it in the future).

1.3. Tick the first setting “Remote Access VPN Server” -> click nextfinishedRAVS.png.c25b75137281271a701acce35e0c7310.png

1.4. Click next, then yes, enter "VPN" as virtual hub name and click OK.

1.5. Exit out of the Dynamic DNS Function Window without changing any settings.

1.6. Tick the first option “Enable L2TP Server Function (L2TP over IPsec), you can also change the IPsec Pre-Shared Key here or leave it at default "vpn" -- you will need it later -> click OK.

1.7. Disable VPN Azure -> click OK

1.8. Click “Create Users”

  • Enter a username and a password (They don't really need to be secure.. But it doesn't hurt to make them secure)
  • Click OK.


1.9. Click Exit in the “Manage Users” window, then click Close.

1.10. Double click on the connection you created.

1.11. Then you click “Virtual NAT and Virtual DHCP Server (SecureNAT) at the bottom right

  • Click Enable SecureNat
  • Click OK
  • Click Exit
  • Click Exit


2.1. Press Win + X

  • Select "Network Connections"


2.2. Go to “VPN” on left side.

2.3. Click “Add a VPN Connection” on the top.

  • VPN Provider: Windows (built-in)
  • Connection name: Whatever you want to use.
  • Server name or address: Run ipconfig in cmd on the Radar-PC and look for the IPv4.
  • VPN type: L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key.
  • Pre-shared key: Insert the Pre-shared key you entered earlier or use the default value "vpn".
  • User name: User Name you created in Softether on Radar-PC.
  • Password: User password you set in Softether on Radar-PC.
  • Click Save.

2.4. Click the Connection Icon on the right side of your Taskbar and connect to the vpn you just created.


2.5. After successfully connecting your VPN make sure that you still have a working internet connection on both PCs.

You are done with the Hyprid-VPN setup.
If you successfully finished this Text Guide you can proceed with the Radar Setup Guide.

Troubleshooting / Testing Functionality

Testing Functionality

  • Method 1: If your VPN has the status "Connected" and you have working internet on your Gaming-PC your VPN is working correctly.


  • Method 2: On the Radar-PC open your "Softether VPNServer Manager" and double click your profile
    • While you are connected your Virtual Hub will show two Sessions instead of one!


Please try the troubleshooting steps if you can't connect to your VPN or you lose your internet connection when it says "Connected".


  • Connections Issues
    • Open Ports UDP 500 AND UDP 4500 in the firewall of your Radar-PC.
    • Make sure that Secure NAT is enabled.
    • Make sure that you entered the correct ip address in you vpn connection profile.
  • "the L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error"
    • You can try these fixes.

If these troubleshooting steps don't fix your connection issue we can help you in
a ticket on our discord server!



Feel free to open a ticket in our discord if you require assistance with this setup!
We kindly ask that you at least try to follow either the Video Guide or the Text Guide before opening a ticket!

If you have any ideas or improvements for this guide feel free to message PaXe#1111 on Discord.


It's always nice to see some feedback
so don't be shy and let us know what you think!

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