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Keep in mind, you find and have to accept our valid Privacy Policy:  https://clutch-solution.com/privacy/

The following Privacy Policy is our translated version for international customers without legal responsibilities. We are not liable for mistakes in this english version.



Privacy Policy

clutch-solution.com Privacy Policy (Last Update February 2021)

Before anything else and foremost, if you are visiting this site to gather information to use against the owner and operator from clutch-solution.com or to do damage or cause harm to the owner and operator from clutch-solution.com , you have to leave immediately, now.


1. Registration Forms

There is the possibility that the site’s registration forms request clients(user, member) to allow our company the access to contact information(Email and Name). This information is necessary to support and develop the excellence of our service, to afford users further performance and to help clutch-solution.com compile general statistics about the use of our website. Our company reserves the right to use the contact information to establish a mailing list to contact clients (user, member) in case of changes to our website. clutch-solution.com is in charge of this contact information and does not pass it to third parties. Anonymized information (e.g. devoid of e-mail addresses or names) can be used by clutch-solution.com or if applicable by third parties to record data about the general demographic.

2. Cookies

Cookies are a part of clutch-solution.com and are used in some cases of the website (e.g. the forum section of this website). This saved data permits the website to work unobstructed and allows special advantages (e.g. automatic log-in).

3. E-mail

Clients(user, member) who have a membership of clutch-solution.com may get our monthly newsletter. In addition users possibly receive e-mails as soon as they decide to sign up with their e-mail address for forum discussions.

4. Information Automatically Logged

Your IP address is used to support and help us in finding problems with our server. Furthermore they help our company to conduct our website correctly. As soon as you visit clutch-solution.com we save your IP address in a log file on an external server. This personal information is used on our own and is not available for others.

5. Software and user(client) information

With reference to the Hardware ID data our company saves a few shielded computer hash, hardware IDs, of clients(user, member) to be sure that there is no other access to software than to the computer where the VIP Private (“Subscriptions” or "Membership") has been gained. Software is unavailable on other computers. Software can be activated on only one computer device. With regard to IP addresses (real/vpn/proxy) clutch-solution.com guarantees a trustworthy handling. We safeguard received and sent e-mails and ensure our clients(user, member) privacy. We sending data from ports to our session server with npcap. Our company saves e-mail addresses in our database nevertheless does not share the information with anyone.

6. Your Log-in Information

This personal information is classified as private and confidential. clutch-solution.com is in charge of this data and does not pass it to third parties.

7. Your payment email system

Any payment (PayPal or other) from clients(user, member) is kept private and confidential. There is no exchange between clutch-solution.com and third parties. Except of the Administrators of clutch-solution.com nobody has access to this information.

8. Public Forums

Our clients(user, member) can exercise different options like forums, messages and news groups on our website. Every data which is published in one of the listed areas becomes public information. Be in charge of your personal information and act with caution.

9. Links

Our website includes different links to websites which do not belong to clutch-solution.com but to third parties. Our company is not responsible or in charge of any content on these websites. This is in nearly every case the actual situation except for clutch-solution.com precisely declares any sponsorship, affiliation, association with the owner, operator or sponsor.

10. Contacting the Website

If you got any questions about privacy statement, the proceeding of our website or the commerce with clutch-solution.com , please do not hesitate to contact an administrator via private message or e-mail ). clutch-solution.com/contact-us (Contact us).

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